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Keyboard–switch database Acer *


Manufacturer Acer

Created by Daniel on 2015-12-20


* semi-mechanical: 1 2
Total: 1 2
Year: 1995 1996

Warning: Please note that the timeline must not be trusted until a statistically significant number of data points are present.


Switch Variants Part number Type Usage
semi-mechanical white 3


Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
Acer 6316 1995 (IC)
1995 (case)
1995 (label)
Acer semi-mechanical (white) K635N250166 kbd.rzw.jp
Acer 6316-H 1995 (IC)
1996 (case)
1996 (label)
Acer semi-mechanical (white) K6362130532 kbd.rzw.jp
Acer 6312-K 1996 (case) Acer semi-mechanical (white) K6364220384 utensilia.tk