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Keyboard–switch database Kaihua PG1511


Manufacturer Kaihua

Created by Daniel on 2015-12-20


PG1511 Yellow: 1
PG1511 Razer orange: 1
PG1511 Razer green: 1
Total: 1 2
Year: 2011 2012 2013 2014

Warning: Please note that the timeline must not be trusted until a statistically significant number of data points are present.


Switch Variants Part number Type Usage
PG1511 Razer green 1
PG1511 Razer orange 1
PG1511 Yellow marked “PG1511” 1


Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
Rapoo V7 Pro 2011 (PCB) Kaihua PG1511 Yellow (PG1511) 1006V7KUS0000158 kbd.rzw.jp
Razer RZ03-0081 2013 (case)
2014 (PCB)
Kaihua PG1511 Razer orange IO1413081000830 T3-US/KO-87 27-050-0202-100S, 2012/06/05 Ver1.4 kbd.rzw.jp
Razer RZ03-0081 2013 (IC)
2014 (PCB)
2014 (case)
Kaihua PG1511 Razer green IO1413081003124 kbd.rzw.jp