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Keyboard–switch database Cherry MX clones


Switch Variants
Aristotle Cherry MX clone
Kaihua PG1511 Yellow PG1511
Taiwan jet axis yellow linear


Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
Senco unknown 1990 (IC) Taiwan jet axis yellow linear 001225 kbd.rzw.jp
Unitek K-256 1991 (IC) Taiwan jet axis yellow linear 008728 K256 REV.5 klikkyklik.wordpress.com
NEC KWD-601 1998 (IC) Aristotle Cherry MX clone 8J47300343 park10.wakwak.com
Chicony KB-5981 2000 (IC) Aristotle Cherry MX clone 0E09300970 klikkyklik.wordpress.com The lower case reads “KB-5181 BOTTOM CASE … FINISH DATE: 81. 6. 30” (Minguo: 1992) suggesting surplus parts left over from the KB-5181
Rapoo V7 Pro 2011 (PCB) Kaihua PG1511 Yellow (PG1511) 1006V7KUS0000158 kbd.rzw.jp

Created by Daniel on 2015-10-24