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Keyboard–switch database Alps SKCL Yellow variant: LED; unknown characteristics


Switch Alps SKCL Yellow (LED; unknown)
Manufacturer Alps
Notes Presence or absence of logo unknown; type of switchplate unknown

Created by Daniel on 2015-11-22


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1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995

Warning: Please note that the timeline must not be trusted until a statistically significant number of data points are present.


Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
Zenith ZKB-2R 1989 (case) Alps SKCL Yellow (LED; unknown)
Alps SKCL Green (no LED; unknown) (lock)
Wang 724 (724) 1992 (IC)
1992 (label)
Alps SKCM Salmon
Alps SKCL Yellow (LED; unknown) (lock)
Focus FK-8000 1993 (case) Alps SKCL Yellow (LED; unknown) (lock)
Futaba 2G Type 2 MX mount lock (other)
931101627 deskthority.net The regular switch was never identified; it is a four-tab clone, most likely OA2 considering its age
Xerox JD-2 1995 (label) Alps SKCM Green (bamboo)
Alps SKCL Yellow (LED; unknown) (lock)
Alps SKCL Compact (function row)
G92004 deskthority.net Label states “Manufactured: 695AL”, assumed to mean 1995.