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Keyboard–switch database Alps SKCM Blue


Manufacturer Alps
Series SKCM
Part number SKCMAG
Type Clicky
Wiki URL Alps SKCM Blue

Created by Daniel on 2015-10-22; modified by Daniel on 2016-02-16


1 3 2
1986 1987 1988 1989

Warning: Please note that the timeline must not be trusted until a statistically significant number of data points are present.


Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
SPC KB-5170 None Alps SKCM Blue (unknown)
Alps SKCL Lock (cream; L:N) (lock)
imgur.com The keyboard has no model, but the Chicony OEM product details are clearly visible on one of the feet; using that as the model number for now.
BIOS Express KCME907L None Alps SKCM Blue (unknown) 12KC619BK sandy55.fc2web.com
NTC KB-6151N None Alps SKCM Blue (unknown) deskthority.net The IC reads only "NTC-6151" and no photo exists of the rear label (so the FCC ID, serial number and model number cannot be confirmed).
Panasonic Business Partner 286 keyboard 1986 (IC) Alps SKCM Blue (SP:LG)
Alps SKCL Green (LED; SP:?, L:N) (lock)
71R7D00182 (int.) 12KC626B, KFCMEA015A mousefan.telcontar.net Not sure how to record this one; using the "MFG No" as the serial number, but the visible branding as the model, for now.
Tulip ATK 030244 1988 (IC) Alps SKCM Blue (SP:LG) R01 88 100802 deskthority.net
Utopian KB-5160C 1988 (IC) Alps SKCM Blue (SP:LG) 8035676 kbtalking.cool3c.com
Leading Edge DC-3014 1988 (IC)
1988 (case)
Alps SKCM Blue (SP:LG) 80526775
80524818 (int.)
Focus FK-2001 1989 (case) Alps SKCM Blue (SP:LG) sandy55.fc2web.com
Packard Bell FDA-102 1989 (IC) Alps SKCM Blue (SP:SW) T8025 FD-12KC004B kbd.rzw.jp Model number taken from the controller IC; Sandy does have an FDA-101 (Model F(AT) clone) with a label showing the OEM and model