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Keyboard–switch database SIC 101A8

Brand SIC
Manufacturer Omron
Model 101A8
Part number 950001 (external)
Switches Omron B3G-S Click Amber (un-Japan; R:N)
Omron B3G-S Click White (un-Japan; R:N) (space bar)
Year (IC) 1989
PCB code 1 B5GS-R101-620
PCB code 2 0292414-0A
Reference http://kbtalking.cool3c.com/article/8003
Notes White clicky B3G-S used also for the enter key.

PCB code 3: TW2147

The smaller chips are marked 941405, which for Mitsubishi indicates a year ending 9. This cannot be 1979 and is unlikely to be 1999, so 1989 is presently assumed. That would make the controller IC two years older if it really is from 1987

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