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Keyboard–switch database Costar CSK-1101P

Brand Costar
Manufacturer Costar
Model CSK-1101P
Switches Omron B3G-S Click Amber (un-Japan; R:N)
Omron B3G-S Click White (un-Japan; R:N) (space bar)
Alps SKCL Compact (function row)
Serial number 89006191 (external)
Year (IC) 1988
PCB code 1 CSK-1101P VER 1.7
Reference http://deskthority.net/photos-f62/costar-csk-1101p-compact-layout-omron-switches-t5759.html
Notes Another component has a 1989 date, which matches the serial number.

Created by Daniel on 2015-11-01