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Keyboard–switch database Micro Warehouse Power User 105

Brand Micro Warehouse
Manufacturer Ortek
Family Mac-105
Model Power User 105
Serial number 6501415 (external)
Reference https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=4717.0
Notes The PCB is branded "FWEC", while FCC grantee KJX is Wentek Technology Inc. This has been seen before in the form of the Ortek MCK-701W/702W with FCC ID KJXMCK-701W (also found as the Reckon MCK-701W). The photos are too small read off the date codes from the chips and thereby establish a manufacture date.

The switches are some form of white Alps, but again, the pictures are too small to determine the details.

Created by Daniel on 2015-10-31