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Keyboard–switch database ADDS 2020

Brand ADDS
Manufacturer Omron
Model 2020
Part number 522-15611 (external)
Switches Omron B3G-S Linear White (Japan; R:N)
Omron B3G-S Linear Amber Heavy (Japan; R:B) (space bar)
Omron B3G-S Linear Amber (Japan; R:B) (enter)
Omron B3G-S Linear White LED (Japan) (lock)
Serial number W056644 (external)
Year (case) 1988
Year (IC) 1987
PCB code 1 355-15000
PCB code 2 0273247-0B
Reference http://kbd.rzw.jp/mechanical/adds_2020-522-15611/
Notes Additional labels on the PCB read:
35515014FPN and 06Y7SA32006

Created by Daniel on 2016-01-03