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Keyboard–switch database Fujitsu FKB4725-501

Brand Fujitsu
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Family FKB4725
Model FKB4725-501
Part number N860-4725-T501 (external)
Switches Fujitsu Peerless Type 2
Fujitsu Peerless Type 2 LED (lock)
Serial number PZ294887 (external)
Year (case) 2000
Year (PCB) 1999
Reference http://kbd.rzw.jp/fujitsu/peerless_fkb4725-501/
Notes Dating is a little uncertain. The PCB appears to show an unusual WW.YY format (43.99) and the case mouldings appear to show November and December 2000. A serial number beginning with 'P' should indicate 2000. The IC date code is not readable.

Created by Daniel on 2015-12-20