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Keyboard–switch database Hi-Tek F(AT) clone

Brand Hi-Tek
Manufacturer Hi-Tek
Family F(AT) clone
Model F(AT) clone
Part number 112980-005 (external)
Switches Hi-Tek Series 725 2/White
Hi-Tek Series 725 1/Pale Grey (space bar)
Hi-Tek Series 725 1/Magenta (lock)
Hi-Tek Series 725 2/White (w/clips) (wide/large keys)
Serial number 98764488 (external)
16712028ABC (internal)
Year (case) 1988
Reference http://deskthority.net/photos-f62/nmb-aq659zat-t12290.html
Notes The pale grey switch under the space bar is marked with a dab of yellow paint to indicate a heavier switch, which seems curious considering that the slider is already a different colour.

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