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Keyboard–switch database Key Tronic F(AT) clone


Manufacturer Key Tronic
Family F(AT) clone

Created by Daniel on 2016-01-17


Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
E03091007 (Key Tronic) 1987 (case)
1989 (label)
Key Tronic foam and foil tactile (two-dot unbranded w/cutouts) A079357 mousefan.telcontar.net Terribly confusing. The case is marked “10 6 87”, while the rear label is marked “33-08-89” (week 33 of 1989 was mid-August). The PCB is labelled “3091” followed by a sticker reading “201”, but I am discounting that as being a date for now. Unfortunately there is no picture of the ICs to help determine the most likely date.