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Keyboard–switch database Grass Valley Group

Keyboards (as brand)

Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
151-KEYBOARD 1991 (IC)
1992 (PCB)
Cherry MX Black 51251P
51714 (int.)
klikkyklik.wordpress.com Oh boy, this is complicated. It was made for Grass Valley Group by TG3, and made for TG3 by Cherry. The controller appears to be dated 1984 or 1987 and another chip is copyright 1988, but the Motorola SN74LS373N is dated 9125, so I am taking this IC date as it ties in with the reported date of manufacture.

There are also two internal part numbers: KBA-G7027D (presumably Cherry) and EA-2191-03 (TG3), and two serial numbers: 51714 (inside) and the strangely very similar 51251P (outside).