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Keyboard–switch database Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Country US

Created by Daniel on 2016-01-01


Keyboards (as brand)

Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
Sun Type 4 (Type 4) 1991 (PCB)
1991 (IC)
Key Tronic foam and foil tactile (two-dot unbranded) 10687 RLH (int.) K T C B 37580-17 kbd.rzw.jp It's unclear which number on the label is the serial number (“S,K” perhaps) and the label on the inside may not be a serial number, but older Key Tronic keyboards do label that number as the serial number.
Sun Type 5c (Type 5c) 1996 (PCB)
1996 (IC)
Fujitsu dome with slider typical (hollow, X) utensilia.tk