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Keyboard–switch database NeXT Computer, Inc.

Country US

Created by Daniel on 2015-12-06

Keyboards (as brand)

Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
“AAE” keyboard 1988 (IC) Alps SKCM Cream (SP:LW, L:N) AAE0210976 56AAA0384C deskthority.net Branding is “NeXT, Inc.”
“ABP” keyboard 1991 (IC) Alps SKCM Black (pine; SP:?, L:Y) ABP1515271 56AAA0384D deskthority.net
“ABP” keyboard 1991 (IC) Alps SKCM Black (pine; SP:SW, L:Y) ABP1410557
14Y00951 (int.)
56AAA0384D www.flickr.com The Flickr page depicts a single switch without the Alps logo on the bottom.