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Keyboard–switch database Great Wall

Keyboards (as brand)

Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
KBD5-B 1991 (case) Alps SKCM White (pine; SP:?, L:Y) bbs.zol.com.cn Rear label attributes the product to “Shenzhen Huaming Electronics Industry Co”
KBD5 1993 (IC) Yantai B3G-S clone yellow
Omron B3G-S Click Amber (un-Japan; R:N) (space bar)
Omron B3G-S Click Amber (un-Japan; R:N) (enter)
www.pcwaishe.cn FCC ID JO6RA-1D was issued in 1992 to Yantai Computer Corporation of China as their only ID; this matches “RA-1D” written on the PCB