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Keyboard–switch database Dell


Keyboards (as brand)

Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
30383 1993 (IC)
1993 (case)
Alps SKCM Black (bamboo; SP:SW, L:Y) K9401-002161 KKPBAAS054 kbd.rzw.jp
Dell AT101 series (AT102W) 1996 (case)
1998 (IC)
Alps SKCM Black (bamboo; SP:SW, L:Y) M9811-21266 telcontar.net The label may also indicate 1998, but I cannot confirm the format of pre-2000 serial numbers
ML4400 2000 (label) Cherry ML typical mousefan.telcontar.net The serial number is unclear, but MouseFan notes that it ends “M27”
RT7D50 2005 (PCB)
2005 (label)
NMB rubber dome sheet CN-0W7657-37172-59D-019Q PCB : 132872 REV.B, PCBA : 132873-001 REV.C deskthority.net
RT7D60 2007 (label) NMB rubber dome discrete glued (grey-green) CN-0UM990-37172-78S-00YF utensilia.tk