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Keyboard–switch database Zenith Data Systems

Country US
FCC grantee code ATO

Created by Daniel on 2015-11-01; modified by Daniel on 2016-01-24


Keyboards (as brand)

Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
Zenith Z-161 keyboard 1984 (IC)
1984 (case)
Alps SKCL Green (no LED; SP:LB, L:N)
Alps SKCL Cream (no LED; SP:LB, L:N) (space bar)
Alps SKCL Green (LED; SP:?, L:N) (lock)
0053292-00138 12KC397A, HEATH P/N : 163-16 deskthority.net
Z-150 1986 (IC) Alps SKCL Green (no LED; SP:?, L:N)
Alps SKCL Green (LED; SP:?, L:N) (lock)
12KC564B kbd.rzw.jp No idea where he gets the model number from, as it’s not written anywhere.
ZKB-2 1987 (label) Alps SKCL Green (no LED; SP:LG, L:N)
Alps SKCL Green (LED; unknown) (lock)
9628268 205-1934-E hw001.spaaqs.ne.jp
ZKB-2R 1988 (case)
1988 (label)
Alps SKCL Green (no LED; SP:?, L:N)
Alps SKCL Green (LED; SP:?, L:N) (lock)
9622578 kbd.rzw.jp
ZKB-2R 1989 (case) Alps SKCL Yellow (LED; unknown)
Alps SKCL Green (no LED; unknown) (lock)
ZKB-2 1990 (case)
1990 (label)
Alps SKCL Yellow (no LED; SP:?, L:Y)
Alps SKCL Yellow (LED; SP:?, L:Y) (lock)
024RF0229T0U kbd.rzw.jp
ZA-180-89 1991 (IC) Alps integrated dome Blue
Alps octagonal White LED (lock)
G70306 kbd.rzw.jp
E05009001 1994 (PCB)
1994 (IC)
Key Tronic flap hinge typical S943533879 kbd.rzw.jp