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Keyboard–switch database Filco

Keyboards (as brand)

Model Year(s) Switches Serial PCB codes Reference Notes
FKB-91JP None Cherry MX Brown
Cherry MX Black (space bar)
0007002436 mousefan.telcontar.net
FKB-97S None Mitsumi Miniature Green (MX mount) (other) 9801007551 telcontar.net I forget the specifics, but I seem to recall that the images at both references are of the same keyboard (this was discussed in IRC, not the forum).

The switch is simplified black Alps, but having discovered that tactile, click and linear simplified black switches exist, and with no known details posted about this keyboard, this entry is effectively disqualified (except for the Mitsumi switch).
FKB-109J BIG None Alps SKBM Click Black (Alps-branded) 000400616 mousefan.telcontar.net
FILCFF01 2012 (PCB) Cherry MX Red A130100708 kbd.rzw.jp