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Acorn BBC Micro type 1 keyboard

Device Acorn BBC Microcomputer “Type 1” keyboard
OEM AWC (“Wong’s”)
Switch Futaba simplified linear
Year 1984 (IC)

I presume that I salvaged this keyboard from a dead computer. I did have a really nice keyboard with a broken spacebar that I set aside for repair one day, but I ended up giving away that computer without remembering why I was keeping it! I will never know now if that was SMK or PED.

One intereresting characteristic of these AWC-made keyboards is that the stabiliser wire clips fit either onto or around the switches. Presently I do not know which, but maybe one day I’ll remove one of them and see what they’ve done.

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View full-size image Futaba simplified linear switch
View full-size image Green braided LED legs
View full-size image ICs with 1984 dates
View full-size image Space bar stabiliser assembly
View full-size image Issue number (“203,001 ISSUE 1”)
View full-size image 1981 copyright and AWC logo