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NMB RT-101 keyboards

RT-101 is a series of keyboards produced by NMB’s Hi-Tek Keyboard Division. Initially, RT-101 keyboards used Series 725 mechanical switches. When NMB finally entered the membrane keyboard market in 1988, RT-101 keyboards were also offered with rubber dome over membrane switches. This transition is suggested by NMB’s Electronic Engineers Master Catalog advertisements, where the membrane option for RT-101 appears as of the 1989–90 edition, although membrane switches as a general offering was given in the 1988–89 edition.

The model number was related to the number of keys. European 102-key ISO layout keyboards used RT-102 instead, such as Muirium’s RT-102 with clicky switches.

When more comprehensive model numbering was adopted, the mechanical keyboards were moved to RT-8000 series, e.g. RT-8200W, RT-8700.


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