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Fujitsu keyboard series

This page is a collection of data on confirmed and speculative Fujitsu keyboard series numbers.


Documented series

For most details, see キーボード - All on the Japanese Fujitsu site.

Series Switch type or description Type/description Known models include Notes
FKB1420 Series Unspecified type (will be membrane) Stock models FKB1424-705 (JP), FKB1425-705 (US)
FKB2500 Series DIN dual-discrete leaf spring (linear and clicky) Standard and custom types
FKB3000 Series DIN dual-discrete leaf spring, clicky, low-travel with sheet cover (FES-301S type)
Unclear (FES-310/310S type)
Stock models and custom types FKB3000-1P47, FKB3000-1P196 The relationship to N860-31xx types is not known
FKB4690 Series Spring over membrane Custom types for POS applications
FKB7412 Series Unspecified type (will be membrane) Stock models FKB7412-251 (USB, JP), FKB7412-451 (PS/2, JP), FKB7412-201 (USB, US), FKB7412-401 (PS/2, US) This is similar to Cherry G84-4400, with an integrated trackball
FKB7628 Series Unspecified type (will be membrane) Stock models FKB7628-801
FKB8540 Series Libertouch Full-size desktop keyboards FKB8540-001/W, FKB8540-551/G (JP with kana legends), FKB8540-552/G (JP without kana legends)
FKB8769 Series Unspecified Tenkeyless keyboard FKB8769-052 (JP) and FKB8769-511 (US)

N860/N86D codes

The following codes from the FKBnnnn model numbers and N860-nnnn-… part numbers. The first two digits are considered to indicate the series, e.g. FKB1234 would be taken as series 1200. However, Fujitsu have used series names comprising all four digits, as noted above — substantially more data is needed to get a clear picture. However, since series can comprise more series, then it may be that series using three or four of the digits are sub-series.

This data will help identify the type of switch found in a Fujitsu keyboard, so long as the N860 code is displayed on the outside.

Note that 2930 seems to be used by both leaf spring and lever action.

Series Switch moniker or description Example keyboard Part numbers
1300 Dual-discrete leaf spring Epson Q703C-AA N860-1344-T00105A, N86D-1344-R001/03 (PCB)
DIN dual-discrete leaf spring Unknown Kawasaki keyboard N860-2322-T002 01A, N86D-2322-R002/01 (PCB)
Fujitsu FMV-KB211 N860-2354-T001, N860-2354-V001 (plate)
Fujitsu FMV-KB611 N860-2367-T022
Fujitsu Micro 16s keyboard N860-2505-T00201A, N86D-2505-R001/01 (PCB)
Tandy 1000 N860-2676-T001 04A, N86D-2676-R001/01 (PCB)
Fujitsu FMR30KB501 N860-2893-V001, N86D-2893-R001/03 (PCB)
FACOM6684KC3 B06B-1915-B311A, N860-2900-T001 05C (internal), N86D-2900-R001/02 (PCB)
Fujitsu OAKB-406 (1994) N860-2994-T002 (external), N860-2994-V102 (internal)
2700 Semi-discrete DIN leaf spring Fujitsu FM77AV keyboard N860-2794-T001 06B
2930 DIN dual-discrete leaf spring unknown N860-2930-X01, N86D-2889-R021/03 (PCB)
Lever action unknown N860-2930-T022 03A, N320-1010-T101/01 (PCB)
FKB2930-101 (“Model FKB2930 Series”) (unverified) N860-2930-T101
3100 Sheet key leaf spring unknown industrial (clicky) N860-3141-T001
FANUC operators keypad (A02B-0092-C135) N860-3127-T010 07A, N86D-3127-R010/02 (PCB)
3700 Sheet key leaf spring (tentative) FANUC operators keypad (A02B-0210-C120/MA) N860-3755-T001 05A
4000 FES-4 Sony OA-S3400 keyboard N860-4038-T021 02A, N86D-4038-R001/05 (PCB)
4600 Non-discrete membrane leaf spring Fujitsu FMR-30BX keyboard N860-4625-T002 05B, N86D-4625-R001/01 and N86D-4625-R002/01 (membranes), N86D-4625-R101/02 (PCB)
MAI VDT keyboard N860-4641-T010, N86D-4641-R101/02 (PCB)
Fujitsu FMT-KB202A N860-4642-T021, N86D-4642-R001/02 and N86D-4642-R002/02 (membranes), N86D-4642-R101/01 (PCB)
4700 Peerless ICL 16022/046 (type 1; FCC ID C9SKB4749) N86D-4749-R101/02 (PCB)
FKB4700-101 (type 2) N860-4700-T101, N86D-4700-R101/01 (PCB)
4800 Toilet plunger Escom FKB4804-103 N860-4804-T103, N86D-4700-R101/01 [sic] (PCB)
Escom FKB4811-103 N860-4811-T103
6100 FES-360 Sanyo keyboard N860-6116-T011 03A, N86D-6116-R001/02 (PCB)
Fujitsu Micro 8 N860-6125-T001, N86D-6125-R001/02 (PCB)
unknown N860-6131-T011 02A (plate)
7400 Non-cross scissor CTCSP CI-TKJ/USB N860-7412-T051, PCB N86D-7412-R101/01
7500 Post-Peerless Fujitsu F7956KB1 PA02201-B631/N860-7505-T011 (01A), N860-7505-V011 01A (internal)
7600 Unspecified scissor Unclear notebook keyboard N860-7635-T701
8000 Reed, tall FANUC A02R-0057-0001 / -03 N86D-8002-R061/01 (PCB) (inscription)
8200 Reed, tall unknown (tactile) N860-8282-T002 03 A, N86D-8282-R001/02 (PCB)
8500 Square slider over dome, inner cylinder PFU PD-KB01 N860-8577-T001
Fujitsu F7544KB11 N860-8520-T220, N86D-8520-R301/02 (PCB)
8540 Libertouch FKB8540-001/W N860-8540-T001/20, N86D-8540-R101/21 (PCB)
8700 Square slider over dome Sun Type 5c (FCC ID C9SKB8703; 1996) N860-8703-T010
Sun Type 6 N860-8705-T001
Fujitsu FKB8726-353 (1997) N860-8726-T353, N86D-8720-R104/01 (PCB)
9200 Reed, possibly shorter unknown N860-9201-T001 03 B, N86D-9200-R001/02 (PCB)

Unclear types

Lever action

Lever action (patent US 4803316 A) is a very rare Fujitsu switch. Keyboards with this switch found to date share the same case as FKB4700. Possible model codes include 1010 and 2930/2931, with the latter being in the same range as third-generation leaf spring. So far, no conclusive examples have been discovered, but tentative evidence suggests that it shared series 2930 with DIN dual-discrete leaf spring.