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Clare-Pendar Series S820



Clare-Pendar Series S820 is a tall reed switch series.

There are at least two different shell styles for these switches. One design secures to the mounting plate with a screw and nuts, similar to Micro Switch RW series, although the latter is intended for rail mounting. There are two recesses in the case at the top to make way for this, in opposite corners. In the only clearly-visible example of this type, the screws appear to be omitted, but this appears to be true of the other example also. This was in production in 1971 and 1972, based on date stamps discovered.

A second design has a profiled shell with no screw holes. Only one example of this has been seen, tentatively dated to 1976. This appears to be the design shown in the catalogue entry (of unknown date), and in the catalogue it is shown with plate retention clips.


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