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Cherry timeline

Date Series Details Source
1974-05-09 M4 Filing date of US patent 3849621 A
1974-05-10 M7 Date on drawing for M71-0100
1976-09-16 M7 Date on drawing for M73-0110
1979-02-01 M7 Date on drawing for M73-0120
1979-11-09 M1 Date on drawing for M11-0101
1983-04 MD Series introduced Former Hirose website
1982-08-06 MX Date of patent application by Cherry Mikroschalter for MX White German patent 3229465
1983-04 MJ Series introduced Former Hirose website
1983-04-22 MX Latest date on drawing depicting MX Black, Linear Grey, Lock, White and Click Grey Nummern-System Tastenmodul TS 00006
1987-04-24 MX Application date for MX Clear patent from Cherry Mikroschalter German patent 3713775
1988-08-10 MX Latest date on revised drawing that adds MX Clear, Tactile Grey, Blue and Green Nummern-System Tastenmodul TS 00006-2
2009 MX Hirose Cherry MX no longer advertised for sale Correspondence with Hirose
2014 MX Hirose Cherry MX discontinued Correspondence with Hirose