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Cherry MX part number schema

This page summarises the Cherry MX part number schema. See common schema for a more detailed look at the Cherry part number schema. MX1B-xxxx is used by Cherry MX Low Profile, which as far as I am concerned is nothing whatsoever to do with Cherry MX and will not be covered on this page.




1: Keymodule

Value Meaning
M Keymodule

2: Series

Value Meaning
X Cherry MX

3: Contact design

Value Definition
1 AuAg 10, 10 mA and 12 V maximum
3 As above, but with dampening integrated into the slider
5 Special

4: Switch characteristics

Value Meaning
B Cherry MX Low Profile
C Special

5: Force and behaviour

The colours indicated in the following table refer to German MX switches. Japanese MX switches are very poorly understood, and American MX switches did not use a different colour for space bar.

Value Action Type Weight (actuation) Travel Keystem colour Notes
0 Momentary Linear 50±17 g 4 mm Unknown Hirose MX
1 Momentary Linear 60±20 cN 4 mm Black
Damped linear 3.7 mm Grey
2 Momentary Linear 80±25 cN 4 mm Grey 37 For space bars
3 Alternate Linear 60±20 cN 4.2 mm Black (older)
Colourless (newer)
4 Momentary Linear 52±15 cN 4 mm Colourless
5 Momentary Linear 45±15 cN 3.4 mm Silver
A Momentary Tactile with hysteresis 70±20 cN
(previously 75±20 cN)
4 mm Colourless (older)
White (current)
B Momentary Tactile with hysteresis 105 cN 4 mm Grey 36 For space bars
C Momentary Tactile 55±20 cN 4 mm Colourless
D Momentary Tactile 80 cN 4 mm Grey 39 For space bars
E Momentary Tactile and clicky with hysteresis 50±15 cN 4 mm Blue
F Momentary Tactile and clicky with hysteresis 70±20 cN 4 mm Green For space bars
G Momentary Tactile 45±20 cN 4 mm Brown
L Momentary Linear 45±15 cN 4 mm Red
Damped linear 3.7 mm Pink

6: Keystem

Value Meaning
1 Standard straight for cylindrical and 8 mm keycaps
2 Enclosed cylindrical stem (MX Low Profile)
G German-made custom types
N Hirose MX

7: Standard features

Value Designation
N No LED, diode or jumper
G Green LED
Y Yellow LED
D Internal diode
J Internal jumper

8: Additional characteristics

Value Fixing pins Shell
N No pins Black (fits monochrome through-hole LED)
W With pins Black (fits monochrome through-hole LED)
A No pins Translucent/transparent with lens for RGB SMD LED
B With pins Translucent/transparent with lens for RGB SMD LED

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