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Cherry ML part number schema

This page summarises the Cherry ML part number schema. See common schema for a more detailed look at the Cherry part number schema.




1: Keymodule

Value Meaning
M Keymodule

2: Series

Value Meaning
L Cherry ML low-profile gold crosspoint switches

3: Contact design

Value Meaning
1 AuAg10, 10 mA and 12 V maximum

4: Switch characteristics

Value Meaning
A SPST NO (officially “1 contact making element”); used by the standard “lowest profile flat version” B Undefined, but used by the “robust flat version”

5: Force and behaviour

Value Meaning
1 Officially “Linear feel” but this is an error in the brochure; all ML switches are tactile with a tactile force of 50±20 cN and actuation force of 45±20 cN

6: Keystem

Value Meaning
1 Standard, straight for 8 mm cap; this is also an error, as G84 series keyboards have keycaps around 5 mm tall at the highest point

7: Standard features

Value Meaning
N Without jumper
J With jumper

8: Additional characteristics

Value Meaning
W With fixing pins

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