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Cherry M8 part number schema

This page summarises the Cherry M8 part number schema. See common schema for a more detailed look at the Cherry part number schema.


1: Keymodule

Value Meaning
M Keymodule

2: Series

Value Meaning
8 Cherry M8

3: Contact design

Value Design Material Rating
1 Triangular AuAg 26 Ni 3 (71% gold, 26% silver, 3% nickel) 100 mA/28 V
2 Triangular AgPd 30 (70% silver, 30% palladium) 100 mA/60 V
4 Round AuAg 10, 3 µm (90% gold, 10% silver) 10 mA max./12 V max.

Cherry M85 has 5 in this position, but it is not clear whether this indicates a fifth contact type or not. Specific details on the contacts are not given (only that it uses “high-quality gold alloy”) and M85 has yet to be seen.

4: Switch characteristics

Value Configuration Shell Linear force Tactile force Notes
A SPST NO Uncovered 70±20 cN 105±30 cN
B SPST NC Uncovered 85±20 cN N/A
C DPST NO Uncovered 90±30 cN 95±30 cN
D DPST NO/NC Uncovered 85±30 cN N/A
E SPST NO Covered 70±20 cN 105±30 cN
F DPST NO Covered 90±30 cN 95±30 cN
G SPST NO Uncovered 95±30 cN N/A For space bars
H SPST NO Covered 95±30 cN N/A For space bars
I DPST NC Uncovered ? ? No forces are ever given

5: Force and behaviour

0 Linear
1 Tactile
4 Tactile feedback in compliance with West German Postal Service specifications

6: Keystem

Outline drawings indicate designs that have not been seen but approximate or unclear details exist in catalogues.

Value Diagram Keystem Applies to
1 6 mm, 0° Uncovered
2 Not seen 12 mm, 0° Uncovered
3 6 mm, 0° Uncovered
4 Not seen 12 mm, 0° Uncovered
5 6 mm, 0° Covered
6 12 mm, 0° Covered
7 6 mm, 7° (not seen) Uncovered
N Special Used by M85; it is not clear whether this denotes a Japanese customisation

7: Standard features

Value Designation
0 No LED (incorrectly given as “O” in the M8 brochure)
G Green LED
Y Yellow LED
S Super-bright red LED

8: Additional characteristics

Value Designation
0 No keycap (incorrectly given as “O” in the M8 brochure)
R Red keycap
G Green keycap
Y Yellow keycap
B Blue keycap
U Grey keycap
W White keycap
S Black keycap