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Cherry M7 examples

Examples of Cherry gold crosspoint/Serie M7 switches. See table below for keyboard information.


Type Weight Stem Style Angle Colour Dot Keyboards Notes
Momentary A Black B65-46AB, B80-64AB, kana keyboard Possibly heavy, but unmarked (B65-46AB)
Momentary T A Black B65-46AB, CEX-17C
Momentary A′ Black HP 9830A
Momentary T A′ Black B25-59AA
M4 alternate action Grey B80-16AC
M4 fixed White B80-16AC
Momentary T AB Black B80-16AC, B65-85AB, B70-4753 (2)
Momentary Heavy T AB Black Red B80-16AC
Momentary double pole A Black B80-16AC
Fixed A Black B80-16AC
Alternate action A′ Grey B25-59AA, B70-05AB No posts
? ? ? Grey Yellow B65-85AB Found under a 2 unit key next to a second module
Momentary T A′ 10° White B80-64AB
Momentary T AB 10° White B80-64AB
Momentary T B Black B70-05AB, B80-64AB, KB2100, UB80-0051, B70-4753 (1) (space), B70-4753 (3)
Momentary T B′ Black HCP B70-4753 extended
Momentary B Black B80-64AB
Momentary Heavy? B Black Red B70-4753 (3)
Momentary Heavy B White Red B80-64AB
Mechanical shift T 10° White B80-64AB
Mechanical shift lock 10° White B80-64AB
M71 red LED |  | White UB80-0051
Momentary Heavy? B Black Red B70-05AB
Momentary T C Black B65-1712, B70-4753 (1), G80-0081, G80-0229
Momentary T C′ 10° Black G80-0130
Dummy Light T C′ 10° Black G80-0130
Momentary Light T C′ 10° Black G80-0130


These are arranged in approximate order of manufacture based on date and serial number. The country of origin is listed for two reasons: a) US serial numbers of that era (pre-MX) appear to be monotonic and may help position keyboards within the timeline where no date is available; b) it may help determine if switch styles are country-specific.

See the master vintage Cherry keyboards list for non-M7 types.

Keyboard From Serial Date Styles Reference Notes
Kana keyboard ? ? ca. 1974 A() greedbay.com This could be a Hirose model, but there is insufficient detail in the photos to determine if the keyboard is so marked
HP 9830A USA N/A ca. 1975 A′() deskthority.net
B25-59AA Hirose, Japan 170279 A′(T,) deskthority.net
B65-46AB Waukegan, USA 176479 A(T,) deskthority.net No ICs to date
B80-16AC Waukegan, USA 766284 ca. 1978 A(), AB(T) deskthority.net Only one visible chip in the photos
CEX-17C USA N/A ca. 1979 A(T) deskthority.net Space bar is not clearly depicted, but it appears to be a T-stem switch with part of the stem snapped off, similar to this
G80-0081 Bayreuth, DE 0478 ca. 1979 C(T) www.utensilia.tk Not all switch types are confirmed to be visible, but another keyboard of this family (unidentified) has a Style C straight stem switch under space, with a red dot mark
B70-4753 (2) Waukegan, USA 822962 ca. 1980 AB(T) imgur.com
B65-85AB Waukegan, USA 842905 ? AB(T) See at B80-16AC No ICs to date
B80-64AB Waukegan, USA 972433 ca. 1980 A(), A′(T), AB(T), B(,T) www.flickr.com A′ and AB, and A and B switches are intermixed, with A (black, straight stem) and A′ (white, 10° T stem) appearing to be left-overs
B70-05AB Waukegan, USA 978224 ca. 1980 A′(), B(T) vintagecomputer.ca Most ICs are dated 79–80; the socketed National Semiconductor DM74LS08N IC is from 1983 and seems to be a replacement part
UB80-0051 St Albans, UK 11193 1980 B(T), C(|  |)? geekhack.org Not all switch types are necessarily visible in the pictures; internal assembly model is UB80-0002 (note that the M71 switch is matte finish, suggesting Style C)
KB2100 USA N/A ≥ 1981 B(T) deskthority.net Dates not visible in the photos, but the PCB is marked ©1981 so that is the lower limit
G80-0130 Auerbach, DE 0774 ca. 1981 C′(T) KAref
G80-0229 Auerbach, DE 1072 ca. 1982 C(T) deskthority.net Not all switch types are necessarily shown
B65-1712 C(T) deskthority.net Bare keypad internals with very few details
B70-4753 (3) Waukegan, USA 1386095 ca. 1984 B(T,) deskthority.net Main IC and PCB label both imply 1984. It does use a paddle stabiliser, which is anachronistic as this was obsolete by 1979; B80-16AC from ca. 1978 already had the replacement wire type.
HCP B70-4753 extended Hirose, Japan 85030031 1985-03 B′(T) KBref The extended area is confirmed to be B′; the rest of the switches are unconfirmed (B or B′ depending on whether B′ ever used B-style mould numbering)
B70-4753 (1) TG3 (Kenosha, WI) 45805 1992 week 19 B(T), C(T) KBref Uses both US and German-made switches