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Cherry M7 examples

Examples of Cherry gold crosspoint/Serie M7 switches.


Type Weight Stem Style Angle Colour Dot Keyboards Notes
Momentary A Black B65-46AB, HP 9830A, B80-64AB No posts (9830A); possibly heavy, but unmarked (B65-46AB)
Momentary T A Black B65-46AB, B25-59AA No posts (B25-59AA)
M4 alternate action Grey B80-16AC
M4 fixed White B80-16AC
Momentary T AB Black B80-16AC, B65-85AB, B70-4753 (2)
Momentary Heavy T AB Black Red B80-16AC
Momentary double pole A Black B80-16AC
Fixed A Black B80-16AC
Alternate action A Grey B25-59AA, B70-05AB
Grey Yellow B65-85AB Found under a 2 unit key next to a second module
Momentary T A 10° White B80-64AB
Momentary T AB 10° White B80-64AB
Momentary T B Black B70-05AB, B80-64AB, KB2100, UB80-0051
Momentary B Black B80-64AB
Momentary Heavy B White Red B80-64AB
Mechanical shift T 10° White B80-64AB
Mechanical shift lock 10° White B80-64AB
M71 red LED |  | White UB80-0051
Momentary Heavy? B Black Red B70-05AB
Momentary T C Black B65-1712, B70-4753 (1), G80-0081
Momentary T C 10° Black G80-0130 Lockout hole
Dummy Light T C 10° Black G80-0130 Lockout hole
Momentary Light T C 10° Black G80-0130 Lockout hole


These are arranged in approximate order of manufacturer based on date and serial number.

Keyboard From Serial Date Styles Reference Notes
HP 9830A USA N/A ca. 1975 A https://deskthority.net/wiki/HP_9830A
B25-59AA Hirose, Japan 170279 A https://deskthority.net/keyboards-f2/…t19541.html
B65-46AB Waukegan, USA 176479 A https://deskthority.net/wiki/Cherry_B65_46AB No ICs to date
B80-16AC Waukegan, USA 766284 ca. 1978 A, AB https://deskthority.net/photos-f62/…t19554.html Only one visible chip in the photos
G80-0081 Bayreuth, DE 0478 ca. 1979 C http://www.utensilia.tk/berthold-cherry_g80-0081/ Not all switch types are confirmed to be visible
B70-4753 (2) Waukegan, USA 822962 ca. 1980 AB https://imgur.com/a/Qil1M
B65-85AB Waukegan, USA 842905 ? AB See at B80-16AC No visible date in the photos
B80-64AB Waukegan, USA 972433 ca. 1980 A, AB, B https://www.flickr.com/photos/… A and AB, and A and B switches are intermixed, with A appearing to be left-overs
B70-05AB Waukegan, USA 978224 ca. 1980 or 1983 A, B https://vintagecomputer.ca/cherry-b70-pro/ Most ICs are dated 79–80; the National Semiconductor DM74LS08N marked “8311” is either 1978 or 1983 depending on the date code, for which no explanation can be found (none of what is written on the chip can be explained)
UB80-0051 St Albans, UK 11193 1980 B https://geekhack.org/…33130…1949091 Not all switch types are necessarily visible in the pictures; internal assembly model is UB80-0002
KB2100 USA N/A ≥ 1981 B https://deskthority.net/wiki/HAL_KB-2100 Dates not visible in the photos, but the PCB is marked ©1981 so that is the lower limit
B65-1712 C https://deskthority.net/wiki/Cherry_B_65-1712 Bare keypad internals with very few details