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Human picture postcards

Photos of people whom I have met who aren’t from ’round ’ere. I cheat: I live so near to London that I just snag people while they’re in the evil city. Means I don’t actually have to go very far. The images are shown in chronological order but I do not have record of the dates on which I met the people involved.

Anna Venishnick and “Greg”. Neither Anna nor I had a camera when we met up so I stole a photo instead. I have no idea who this Greg is but he seems to be her hired Paul van Dyk look-alike.
dragonman and myself at a London Underground station. I would link to his website, were I permitted to tell anyone who he is.
Arne Johannessen promised to take lots of photos when he was over, but, we had no time and forgot. So this is one he prepared earlier.
This photo of Adam was actually taken by me with the GhettoCam™ on the Underground. Suspicious-looking character, Adam…
14th June 2005