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Notices for 25th October 2009 to 28th August 2008

Sunday, 25th October 2009

I’ve liberally sprinkled the screenshots archive with over 25 new screenshots. I do wonder how many visitors, and how many fans, the screenshots archive actually has. In terms of vocal ones, less than the fingers on one hand, and never more than one person concurrently. This is even if “concurrent” is extended out as far as a month or even six months.

Saturday, 27th June 2009

In August last year, Jonathan Livni alerted me to a few bugs in Batch-RegEx, one of which being a problem with global flags. I no longer remember what he said, and all the e-mail correspondence has gone missing, but I rediscovered the bug the other day at work. On inspecting the source code, I quickly tracked it down to a copy-and-paste error where ?{g} sets ?{d} instead.

No idea why I didn’t fix the issue ten months ago, but it’s resolved now.

Thursday, 28th August 2008

A random glance at the Geek Culture forums serendipitously drew my attention to a fantastic remake of the game Gorillas built using Flash. It’s pixel-perfect, sounds good, is Open Source, and runs on almost any desktop computer regardless of operating system. Hats off to Ricky Road for a sterling effort.

I’ve been inspired to update the Gorillas Deluxe manual in HTML for much easier digestion, and I have made a few improvements to it at the same time. The game itself remains the same for now, at version 2.2.