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Notices for 2nd August 2008 to 4th March 2008

Saturday, 2nd August 2008

Jonathan Livni alerted me to the fact that Batch-RegEx, when told to process an entire folder, would end up processing the backup files it created too and then fall short of finishing the job. This fault is now rectified; while I was at it, I adjusted the program to report back on the relative path of items within folders to clarify which file the program is referring to.

Jonathan also reports a problem with global flags, but I’ve never experienced any such problem. I would be curious to know whether anyone else has experienced difficulties with them.

Friday, 28th March 2008

A new HTTP Werkzeug alpha out, which remedies a stupid bug where it would crash if the settings were not found (in particular, installing it onto a new computer) or, theoretically, if they were very outdated. I have also added support for the full range of redirect status codes, instead of merely the common ones of 301 and 302.

Tuesday, 4th March 2008

A couple of new t-shirt designs in ThinkNerd.