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Notices for 25th February 2008 to 28th March 2008

Monday, 25th February 2008

Rest in Peace, Jesse Dylan Barwick (1989-2007)

I received a random instant message from a screen name I recognised; at the time, the owner’s friend had been using it, but now the screen name’s owner wanted to find her friend, an ex-girlfriend of Jesse Barwick.

I’d not seen Jesse online in, according to Pidgin, 337 days 11 hours 4 minutes. I had a look on Google to see where he’d got to, and discovered that he’d passed away nearly a year ago. No cause of death was given; his last post to the Geek Culture Forums was made on the day of his death.

This would explain why he’d stopped responding to instant messages and disappeared offline. 337 days ago was March 24th, so I imagine someone had simply turned his computer on and had said nothing to me.

I’m used to people disappearing for long periods – many people on my contact list have been gone for months or a year or more. It’s something you get used to: friends who vanish for long periods if not forever. And sometimes, sadly, it’s because they’ve died.

Jesse and I both hung out on the Died Online forums some years ago (a site which itself died online), and there’s a certain bitter irony that one of us went and did exactly that.

Jesse Dylan Barwick, AKA Too Cool To Quit, yesimjes, “Taco” — 1989–2007. You will be missed.

Tuesday, 4th March 2008

A couple of new t-shirt designs in ThinkNerd.

Friday, 28th March 2008

A new HTTP Werkzeug alpha out, which remedies a stupid bug where it would crash if the settings were not found (in particular, installing it onto a new computer) or, theoretically, if they were very outdated. I have also added support for the full range of redirect status codes, instead of merely the common ones of 301 and 302.