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Notices for 27th January 2008 to 29th December 2007

Sunday, 27th January 2008

One long standing defect with Batch-RegEx was the lack of a facility for setting default and global flags. I’ve had a brainwave, thanks to Anthony, and now I’ve put a global flags system in place. Finally, I have a way to set flag m globally and stop forgetting that I need to use it!

Sunday, 13th January 2008

One annoying bug in HTTP Werkzeug is the way it deals with memorising window state. Maximised windows will come back as normal windows but the size of a maximised window, and thus are unable to be easily resized due to the size border being outside the desktop. This is now fixed in version 1.3a2, which handles window state reliably. Now that I’ve written some code to do this, I’ve updated Batch-RegEx to be able to store the sizes and positions of its windows; the same changes have been applied to my PrefEdit developer tool.

Saturday, 29th December 2007

I have finished posting the final big update to the Screenshots archive, with only 116 new images. It seems to interest no-one, so in future I will simply post individual images immediately and unannounced rather than wait for the next big (and very tedious) update.

Yet again, I’ve found myself needing a way to include the Windows cursor in screenshots, complete with shadow. No-one else seems to care enough about this to implement it, so I’ve resorted to doing it the hard way: by installing Virtual PC and taking cursor screenshots from that, and converting them to 32-bit images. In case anyone else would like 32-bit arrow cursors to use in their screenshots, find them on my screenshot cursors page. If you need a specific (24-bit or shallower) cursor shadowed, drop me a line and I’ll render you a copy.