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Notices for 29th December 2007 to 15th December 2007

Saturday, 29th December 2007

I have finished posting the final big update to the Screenshots archive, with only 116 new images. It seems to interest no-one, so in future I will simply post individual images immediately and unannounced rather than wait for the next big (and very tedious) update.

Yet again, I’ve found myself needing a way to include the Windows cursor in screenshots, complete with shadow. No-one else seems to care enough about this to implement it, so I’ve resorted to doing it the hard way: by installing Virtual PC and taking cursor screenshots from that, and converting them to 32-bit images. In case anyone else would like 32-bit arrow cursors to use in their screenshots, find them on my screenshot cursors page. If you need a specific (24-bit or shallower) cursor shadowed, drop me a line and I’ll render you a copy.

Tuesday, 25th December 2007


Saturday, 15th December 2007

I use the spinning coin animated cursor (coin.ani) as my Windows busy cursor, but was still using the basic arrow + hourglass for the working-in-background cursor. I decided it would be nice to have a proper cursor that combined the coin with the arrow, so I created not just one, but a complete set. I’ve added a Windows cursors page with all nine animated cursors on.