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Notices for 25th December 2007 to 9th December 2007

Tuesday, 25th December 2007


Saturday, 15th December 2007

I use the spinning coin animated cursor (coin.ani) as my Windows busy cursor, but was still using the basic arrow + hourglass for the working-in-background cursor. I decided it would be nice to have a proper cursor that combined the coin with the arrow, so I created not just one, but a complete set. I’ve added a Windows cursors page with all nine animated cursors on.

Sunday, 9th December 2007

Batch-RegEx 1.2.3 is up; the new version reports how many rules matched for each file, and skips writing out files for which no rules matched.

I mistakenly compiled RegEx Rename for Mac OS, so I’ve posted a copy along with version 1.0.1 for Windows (which fixes a few interface annoyances in Windows). I don’t know that the Mac version works, but the all of zero classic Mac users around are collectively not going to find out :)