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Notices for 9th December 2007 to 14th November 2007

Sunday, 9th December 2007

Batch-RegEx 1.2.3 is up; the new version reports how many rules matched for each file, and skips writing out files for which no rules matched.

I mistakenly compiled RegEx Rename for Mac OS, so I’ve posted a copy along with version 1.0.1 for Windows (which fixes a few interface annoyances in Windows). I don’t know that the Mac version works, but the all of zero classic Mac users around are collectively not going to find out :)

Sunday, 25th November 2007

Gorillas Deluxe

Way back in February, Edgar Ruiz from Colombia asked me if I could restore CGA support in Gorillas Deluxe, and it took until now to remember to do it. CGA support in Gorillas Deluxe is now restored, and the game has been patched up further to improve compatibility. For example, the explosion radius setting is halved under CGA, and there are some revised taunt messages for CGA mode to keep them all under 40 characters (the width of the screen). The game is corrected to support full 17-character names in CGA.

I also discovered that the Czech version was one version behind; it still had the potential to crash with an illegal function call. The Czech version is now fully up to date with the English version.

Wednesday, 14th November 2007

Batch-RegEx 1.2.1 released with various fixes and improvements.

Incidentally, what I said previously about settings files and %APPDATA% wasn’t that true, having fallen victim to my abominable memory. It was not quite how I was checking for the location. My software uses the application’s own folder – itself an acceptable behaviour and preferred by some – unless Documents and Settings was found; more recently, I started using Documents and Settings\user\Application Data if it existed, and a Telcontar subfolder for tidiness. This hack was clearly noted in the code comments as being English-only. I simply didn’t know, at the time, how to derive the correct path nor did I investigate it. Still lame, but not quite as much as I imagined.