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Notices for 14th November 2007 to 7th November 2007

Wednesday, 14th November 2007

Batch-RegEx 1.2.1 released with various fixes and improvements.

Incidentally, what I said previously about settings files and %APPDATA% wasn’t that true, having fallen victim to my abominable memory. It was not quite how I was checking for the location. My software uses the application’s own folder – itself an acceptable behaviour and preferred by some – unless Documents and Settings was found; more recently, I started using Documents and Settings\user\Application Data if it existed, and a Telcontar subfolder for tidiness. This hack was clearly noted in the code comments as being English-only. I simply didn’t know, at the time, how to derive the correct path nor did I investigate it. Still lame, but not quite as much as I imagined.

Monday, 12th November 2007

Batch-RegEx is updated today to version 1.2. The new version brings the ability to save and recall expression lists, as well as further clean-up of the Windows version’s interface.

Normally, settings code for my apps just calls on my PreferencesFile class, but each expression list in Batch-RegEx 1.2 is a plain text file. I needed to write fresh code to find %APPDATA%, and was about to go about it in my normal way in REALbasic 3 of DesktopFolder.parent.child("Application Data") (REALbasic will just return your Windows directory if you ask for the settings folder). This was when I realised how dreadful this approach was: it will fail if the Application Data folder’s name is localised. For example, in German, %APPDATA% expands to C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Benutzer\Anwendungsdaten\.

Batch-RegEx instead calls SHGetFolderPathA() – which requires Internet Explorer 4 or higher! – to return the system’s localised path to this folder. All my other software (that uses PreferencesFile) will need patching too. Sometimes, I am such a ninny.

Wednesday, 7th November 2007

I was not going to mention the latest version of my Batch-RegEx tool (although do have a look!) except that I spotted something rather strange on the parent software page:

As of 7th November 2007, Batch-RegEx was last updated on 4th December 2007