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Notices for 12th November 2007 to 17th October 2007

Monday, 12th November 2007

Batch-RegEx is updated today to version 1.2. The new version brings the ability to save and recall expression lists, as well as further clean-up of the Windows version’s interface.

Normally, settings code for my apps just calls on my PreferencesFile class, but each expression list in Batch-RegEx 1.2 is a plain text file. I needed to write fresh code to find %APPDATA%, and was about to go about it in my normal way in REALbasic 3 of DesktopFolder.parent.child("Application Data") (REALbasic will just return your Windows directory if you ask for the settings folder). This was when I realised how dreadful this approach was: it will fail if the Application Data folder’s name is localised. For example, in German, %APPDATA% expands to C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Benutzer\Anwendungsdaten\.

Batch-RegEx instead calls SHGetFolderPathA() – which requires Internet Explorer 4 or higher! – to return the system’s localised path to this folder. All my other software (that uses PreferencesFile) will need patching too. Sometimes, I am such a ninny.

Wednesday, 7th November 2007

I was not going to mention the latest version of my Batch-RegEx tool (although do have a look!) except that I spotted something rather strange on the parent software page:

As of 7th November 2007, Batch-RegEx was last updated on 4th December 2007

Wednesday, 17th October 2007

My BBC Microcomputer is fitted with a memory upgrade; I imagine I am long overdue getting one for myself since I forget what I was going to write for this entry.

While I had the computer apart to fix it, I took lots of photos of the upgrade and created a dedicated page for the computer to display them. In the vein of informing the younger generations that software once came on cassette tape, here you can see what people had to put up with before we had proper expansion card slots, memory module slots, battery backed-up firmware memory, and a hard drive to stow away goodness knows how many library files and kernel patches.