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Notices for 4th October 2007 to 29th August 2007

Thursday, 4th October 2007

When rebuilding my late friend Steve Katz’s WetInRed site as a dynamic database-driven site, I wrote a tool called Batch-RegEx to perform mass regular expression replacement on FrontPage-generated pages.

While overhauling another site he worked on, Liquid Ladies, I decided I wanted this tool running in Windows. So, my little tool has finally been updated to work correctly in Windows and a new version 1.1 is posted.

This version also fixes a teensy bug whereby an initial blank line in the RegEx box would cause a soft hang (cmd-. would cancel out of it, as I’d put an escape route in previously).

Thursday, 6th September 2007

I have been threatening to post some of my photography to the site for a long time now. Recently, I posted my ghetto stitch jobs (see how many perverts come looking for that search term), but nothing from my newer, vaguely decent camera.

I’ve had a nice, semi-private and temporary gallery up for a while now of a walk up to and past a local wood, photos that came out extremely well. I’d chosen a small, select few images and placed them inline as 800×600. The effect was most pleasing.

Today, I finally got around to posting a formal gallery of the images – Langley Wood 24th June 2007 – but a whole 24 inline 800×600 images would be rather excessive, so they’re all reduced to 320×240, linked to 1024×768 photos. Somehow, by no longer being selective, and reducing all the images down to a much smaller size, it looks disordered and chaotic compared to the serenity of the original presentation. In particular, the horizons don’t line up vertically. I don’t know whether to revert to my older gallery style, although it feels too late now.

Wednesday, 29th August 2007

Last week, I was privileged enough to get to watch a spider moulting. As someone who does not officially keep spiders as pets, this was a rare and exciting experience. I have put up photographs of it: Not tonight dear, I’m moulting. I don't know that I’ve ever seen any decent moulting photographs before.