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Notices for 11th August 2007 to 27th June 2007

Saturday, 11th August 2007

Visiting Apple’s site to investigate their new products curiously led me to learn about how Macs now support text zoom in several applications. This reminded me that Psion introduced this idea in 1997, so I revisited my EIKON page, adding several more points of note, including menu appearance and behaviour and window content zoom.

I also updated the RISC OS page. Something that had not fully dawned on me when I wrote that page was that Acorn achieved smooth type with fractional character widths no later than 1992. It would take Apple until 2001 to introduce this to the public. Even the operating system’s splash screen was rendered on the fly in high quality type, something Apple only pulled off with System 7.6 in 1997 with a pre-rendered bitmap. If I were human, I would say, “Mad props to Acorn.” If I were human.

Sunday, 15th July 2007

Firetrack is getting old – literally: there are audible signs of wear now. Having it running all day and night as a server was a waste of electricity, so the site simply disappeared off the Internet a while ago. I guess this was wise, as it’s still a very important computer to me and I don’t want to wear it into the grave. I have now formally archived all the Firetrack site content at firetrack.telcontar.net. The 404 page and directory listings are still ICD and Apache defaults respectively, so the next stage is to reproduce the original pages.

A sad day, though.

Wednesday, 27th June 2007

Meagan Stevens wrote in with the apparent truth behind the woodlouse religious ritual. Turns out it was not the delusions of my mental instability, and all the shrink fees were in aid of nothing. D’oh.

I altered my site’s contact form recently, with a daft CAPTCHA to keep out spammers. It worked and, better, oddly, my rate of contact went up. I hope that was nothing to do with the old code losing messages.