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Notices for 15th July 2007 to 13th June 2007

Sunday, 15th July 2007

Firetrack is getting old – literally: there are audible signs of wear now. Having it running all day and night as a server was a waste of electricity, so the site simply disappeared off the Internet a while ago. I guess this was wise, as it’s still a very important computer to me and I don’t want to wear it into the grave. I have now formally archived all the Firetrack site content at firetrack.telcontar.net. The 404 page and directory listings are still ICD and Apache defaults respectively, so the next stage is to reproduce the original pages.

A sad day, though.

Wednesday, 27th June 2007

Meagan Stevens wrote in with the apparent truth behind the woodlouse religious ritual. Turns out it was not the delusions of my mental instability, and all the shrink fees were in aid of nothing. D’oh.

I altered my site’s contact form recently, with a daft CAPTCHA to keep out spammers. It worked and, better, oddly, my rate of contact went up. I hope that was nothing to do with the old code losing messages.

Wednesday, 13th June 2007

Much to my surprise, I just found an interesting subfolder in my Artwork folder on my hard drive, called “Telcontar’s Homepage”. It contains a sizeable portion of the Photoshop masters for Telcontar’s Homepage Mark II. I had no idea that I still had any of these. From the creation date, it appears to have been recreated to contain data recovered from my hard drive. I may have mistaken the images for being the graphics to my first (Mark I) site.

Thus, I have been able to put back some missing site graphics, namely the Links link image on the front page, and the title graphics for the About section.

I will likely never recover the whole site (since I was deleting swathes of it anyway after switching to this domain) but it is nice to increase how much of it is safely archived.