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Notices for 27th March 2007 to 7th April 2007

Tuesday, 27th March 2007

I’ve always sworn that I will not have a blog. There’s nothing sufficiently wonderful about my life to make a blog worthwhile. Yet, it seems that Bug of the Moment has become virtually a blog on software development, in a strange sort of way. It certainly seems to get its fair share of hits.

To ease the trouble of determining just when I’ve found something new and wonderous to post on my “blog”, I’ve implemented an RSS feed for it. Let your feed software take the strain for you.

Oh, and I’ve added a new entry.

Wednesday, 28th March 2007

One day, when I am dead and gone, people are going to remember me as that complete moron who was still developing for Mac OS 9 long after its “death”. (I don’t believe in a system being “dead” until no-one uses it any more. As such, Latin is not a dead language, especially with all the nutters working on Vicipædia…)

For example, in my archive of old(er) Mac applications I have added a patch that adds two missing file type icons to Photoshop 5: Windows bitmap, and Photoshop image stationery item.

I have also created a kind’ template for ResEdit that allows you to create and edit ‘kind’ resources, which provide customised file type names. I also explain why, although awareness of this system is widespread in North America, people in other English-speaking countries may be unaware that such a feature even exists on the Mac prior to X.

While I was at it, I improved the code on the Misc front page to use unordered lists instead of paragraphs. The page is still a sprawling mess, but at least the code is cleaner.

Saturday, 7th April 2007

A message from an Ingo in Germany made me realise something: I never updated the Labratory Level sample tune on my tracked music article after I discovered that my copy was defective. The copy I’d been playing (ripped by Lori Central) was 1:27 in length, but I’ve since realised, after playing the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 demo again, that the file is horribly incomplete. The tune is in fact 2:26 in length. A whole minute of audio is missing.

I don’t know what happened. The patterns weren’t lost, but their entries in the partition table were all missing. I don’t know what file format Jazz Jackrabbit 2 used for music in Windows. The Mac version used plain Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker files (driven by Antoine Rosset’s player plugins) but the Windows version appears to use another format, possibly a compressed wrapper (Labrat.j2b is around half the size of Labrat.s3m). I can only presume that the file was damaged during conversion. I had a go at rebuilding the partition table, but discovered that I had an intact copy of the tune elsewhere after all! (Much, much easier!) I have now posted this replacement copy on the site.