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Notices for 27th March 2007 to 11th March 2007

Tuesday, 27th March 2007

I’ve always sworn that I will not have a blog. There’s nothing sufficiently wonderful about my life to make a blog worthwhile. Yet, it seems that Bug of the Moment has become virtually a blog on software development, in a strange sort of way. It certainly seems to get its fair share of hits.

To ease the trouble of determining just when I’ve found something new and wonderous to post on my “blog”, I’ve implemented an RSS feed for it. Let your feed software take the strain for you.

Oh, and I’ve added a new entry.

Wednesday, 21st March 2007

I have just released what seems to be my first ever public Windows-only application: a filename batch rename tool that uses a list of regular expressions to rename multiple files at once. It uses the same syntax as Batch-RegEx. It is a personal project that I find extremely useful, but as always, once it’s reliable enough, it is worth posting for the public at large.

Like Batch-RegEx, it has many limitations that are simply due to a lack of time or desire to implement but could easily be resolved should any interest arise.

The irony of it having “MacApps” in its URL is not lost on me … one day, I need to find a satisfactory method to rename that part of my site once and for all. Redirect? RewriteRule?

Sunday, 11th March 2007

Another Bug of the Moment entry today.