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Notices for 26th February 2007 to 16th January 2007

Monday, 26th February 2007

Well, no new updates for over a month, but I’ve gathered up a few things now. First and foremost, I have fixed my Grippie REALbasic classes to resolve a significant flaw in the design. I mistakenly believed that the size grip in a dialog box is smaller than the one used in a document window (since it stood to reason), but in fact this was due to me using a smaller width scroll bar than normal. (Anything I can change, I will.) I always get really nervous at release time for anything – what have I slipped up on and broken this time – so do let me know if it’s still broken! I have no idea if anyone has even ever downloaded it (aside from bots) but I hope it proves useful to someone, somewhere.

Likewise, I have no idea how many fans Bug of the Moment has, but if I do have any, they may be a bit disappointed with me :) Thus, Bug of the Moment is also updated with a new entry with a variety of creepy crawlies.

I’ve added another icon to my favicons page, and a list of my selected Firefox extensions in case anyone wants a recommended list.

Monday, 22nd January 2007

Rest in Peace, Steve Katz (1954-2007)

Via a forum I frequent I learnt that a good friend – Steve Katz, from Prescott, Arizona – passed away yesterday morning. He had recently contracted the flu, and we were joking about him dying and who’d run his site if he did die, since he promised everyone on his site:

If i should die, I will leave it in some capable hands, I assure u! Not like I'm gonna die tomorrow, but just a precaution to make sure the site lives on.

Neither of us expected him to die the next day, of a heart attack. He was 52, which is far too young, although his health was not as great as it could have been. What is worse, is that he lived with his father, who had the horrible shock of finding his son dead. It was his father who contacted someone he worked with – another friend – who passed on the message to a forum he frequented.

He will be missed…

Tuesday, 16th January 2007

For beta 341 of the iCab Web browser for Macintosh, I produced a set of file icons for the Mac OS X build series. Until that point, under OS X it had been using the Mac OS 9 file icons, which were very much unsuitable.

I have now posted the icon design project under Artwork so that people can have a peek at the icons and the process behind them.

There is also a new bug of the moment up. I am curious about this one: can anyone reproduce this problem, particularly in Windows XP? Or did this bug breed on my computer? Tomorrow, however, I have a really cute one to post.

Update: betbest1 confirms the above Character Map bug in XP, and the new bug of the moment is up as promised.

Finally, one more challenge. Take a look at the following set of colour bars:

I would like everyone please to tell me whether they perceive the bars in the middle to be darker than those at the top and bottom? Particularly, is the second bar down darker than the top bar? I am quite curious about this because Jenni and I perceive this image quite differently and I would like to get a handle on what the majority of people see.