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Notices for 9th January 2007 to 3rd January 2007

Tuesday, 9th January 2007

New bug of the moment as promised.

Monday, 8th January 2007

Yesterday, I posted complete, high quality copies of all three of Ian Bell’s Fragmentary Glimpses of Eternity mix albums to my site, with his permission. This is the first time that they’ve been publicly accessible, and since Supergoo has finally moved out of my site (well, is in the process of moving out), I have the space to do so now without leaving me no space to expand my own site.

The first album is mostly trance, but the second and third albums are a rather eclectic collection of music smoothly mixed and interspersed with a bizarre choice of samples. Those of you who like something that’s very definitely on the unusual and unexpected site should try them out. Personally my favourite of the three is the final one; I find the first one too cheesy for my tastes although the first track (15 minutes in length; I never understood his track system) is very nice.

I also posted a new bug of the moment: not the one I wanted to post, but one I felt I had to to vent my growing frustration with Mozilla Thunderbird and the way that free, open source software is turning out. One friend gets angry with the idea of shareware and having to pay, but at least shareware authors have to do a decent job for the sake of getting customers, the same with smaller commercial outfits who aren’t going on strength of monopoly alone, whereas free software can be as dismal as they desire and there is nothing you can do about it unless you’re a C wizard and fancy tackling their code.

The cute bug will be posted tomorrow.

Finally, I have again updated the page on HTTP Werkzeug’s future. I am not sure where it’s going but it is about time someone took over the job and wrote something in C++ using wxWidgets that is substantially less broken than my own terrible job. Wrapping libcurl would be a very good way to go.

Wednesday, 3rd January 2007

There are very many webmasters (and webmistresses) who get swamped out by the amount of feedback and communication that their site generates. While I am not envious of that, my site is at the opposite end of the spectrum: the level of contact from visitors is adjacent to zero. Having posted the Flying into a fractal page in July 2004, no-one has ever mentioned the existence of XaoS to me: a cross-platform program that greatly exceeds the challenge I posted in July 2005. I finally learnt of it when suggesting the fractal zoom idea as a good Cy/VOS demonstration program to Jeni.

I guess the site is simply too desperately nerdy – or dorky – for its own good. I don’t want ingratiating fan mail: fan mail is irritating. Just interesting conversation, tips, anecdotes, goodies to post. It is evidently too much to ask for. Here’s to 2007: another year of wondering exactly why I keep posting things to this site.

The screenshot is coincidentally real: Thunderbird has gone (as Jeni put it) “mammaries vertical” once again. It has just about enough bugs to warrant calling an extermination squad.