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Notices for 3rd January 2007 to 19th December 2006

Wednesday, 3rd January 2007

There are very many webmasters (and webmistresses) who get swamped out by the amount of feedback and communication that their site generates. While I am not envious of that, my site is at the opposite end of the spectrum: the level of contact from visitors is adjacent to zero. Having posted the Flying into a fractal page in July 2004, no-one has ever mentioned the existence of XaoS to me: a cross-platform program that greatly exceeds the challenge I posted in July 2005. I finally learnt of it when suggesting the fractal zoom idea as a good Cy/VOS demonstration program to Jeni.

I guess the site is simply too desperately nerdy – or dorky – for its own good. I don’t want ingratiating fan mail: fan mail is irritating. Just interesting conversation, tips, anecdotes, goodies to post. It is evidently too much to ask for. Here’s to 2007: another year of wondering exactly why I keep posting things to this site.

The screenshot is coincidentally real: Thunderbird has gone (as Jeni put it) “mammaries vertical” once again. It has just about enough bugs to warrant calling an extermination squad.

Monday, 1st January 2007

2007 opens with … a new Bug of the Moment

Tuesday, 19th December 2006

In the continuing progression of the onset of my insanity, I have released another Mac OS 8 and 9-only application, Batch-RegEx – a multi-expression batch regular expression replacement tool.

While I was at it, I’ve overhauled the Mac Apps page: it is now officially just called “Software”, uses clean and semantic HTML and CSS, and has a wonky appearance that I am leaving up as a testimony to the continuing pain of trying to work with the mess that is CSS 2, and its awful browser support. The latter is something I feel arises mostly from CSS being an academic exercise carried out with very little concern for what people were – and remain – realistically trying to achieve with the Web, i.e. basic two-dimensional layout from a one-dimensional source document. Make something sufficiently complex and academic and no-one is going to understand what you want them to do with it, be that in terms of software implementation or simply its usage.