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Notices for 24th September 2006 to 1st November 2006

Sunday, 24th September 2006

A fresh bug of the moment. Seems to be all I update these days.

I thought I would also share this with you all: Isys Information Architects’ Interface Hall of Shame. There is a gamut of screenshots on offer, from complex issues for software designers down to the outright ludicrous (and quite hilarious). The page appears to be an archive of an earlier site; when I reported a few missing pages I found, I received this e-mail bounce:

Sorry. Although I'm listed as a best-preference MX or A for that host, it isn't in my control/locals file, so I don't treat it as local. (#5.4.6)

When you read the site, you will realise the delightful irony of that message. Along the same lines, this “helpful” suggestion is shown on the site’s 404 page:

The address was entered incorrectly. Check your spelling and try again.

Which is all very well, except that errors all redirect to http://homepage.mac.com/1/homepage404ErrorPage.html. Nothing looks incorrect about that address to me… Looks fine. Except it’s not where I wanted to be.

Due to the greatness of the site itself, though, I am going to archive myself a copy in case it ever disappears… And have me some overdue lunch. At half past three in the morning.

Sunday, 29th October 2006

Hello, me again.

You’re acting like you’re surprised …

Bug of the Moment updated again. Now there’s a surprise.

I got a mail from Peter Hosey recently to tell me that he has finally given the awesome SamGod file an official home (previously I’d been linking to an outdated copy that Chiper had posted). I do warn you, the SamGod File will warp your mind! Caveat reader.

Since the navigation on Peter’s site is rather non-existent, here is a link to the front panel of Quote-File Central. The cool thing about Quote-File Central is that you can now link to individual quotes to post them into instant messages, channels and forum posts. Samrod is going to kill us all!

Wednesday, 1st November 2006

Well, for the first time in something like four years, I have some REALbasic code on my site. I stopped caring about publishing any specific re-usable code after my copy of REALbasic fell year upon year out of date. Using the REALbasic 2006r4 demo, I have been able to port my latest mini-project – a class to place a size grip control into the corner of a window in Windows – to the latest version of the language.

After the grief of trying to write such a thing I am glad to be able to offer a nicely wrapped up version for other coders to use. It does have a couple of problems, one of which is due to REAL having screwed up the keyboard handling event model so that a window cannot filter keys before controls get them. Hopefully someone on the REALbasic forum will have some idea how to work around that, so that I can allow the user to press the escape key to cancel a resize.

But, there, my first REALbasic 2006 code. Actually, my second: I ported DragBar to REALbasic 2006 a while back for someone who’d requested it be added to REALbasic in their Feedback system. So I have finished off that job and posted it officially too.