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Notices for 7th August 2006 to 1st August 2006

Monday, 7th August 2006

OK, here we go: part two of the blast from the past into buggy DOS games.

Oh, talking about DOS games: I have just posted version 1.0 final of QBasic Gorillas: Fixed Edition. The only change I made was to incorporate an old fix from Gorillas Deluxe, of correcting the value of the global variable SunHt. This should fix the issue of bananas occasionally blowing holes in the sun. Fixed Edition has been beta for over a year and no-one has reported any bugs, so I am declaring it final. Come to think of it, no-one’s ever mentioned it at all…

I have also inducted my first entry into the Telcontar.net Hall of Shame for not only thieving my bandwidth but then going on to make a horrendous mess with it.

Sunday, 6th August 2006

A classic bug of the moment, from one of my favourite DOS games. Tomorrow I will post some more funny pics from another DOS game.

Now I have to go In Search Of why the above entry is listed as “Posted 5th August 2006”. D’oh.

Tuesday, 1st August 2006

August at last – the site is nearly three years old – and a few changes. I decided that it was time to extend my archive of the site. With the grateful help of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, I have posted an archive of how my site looked in December 2001. Or something like that, more of a mish-mash from what pages I could scrape together, and a bit of reconstruction :) I forgot how much version_lili figured into it all. All I need to complete my nostalgia is the old picture of Adam looking like a psycho. That was priceless.

I’ve also posted the original front page of my site. I had completely forgotten about the old section images and for how long it had looked like that. Does anyone else feel that the front page of my site is too bland? I went off the images since they didn’t really match the style of the site and I failed to find any better designs, but I wonder if something needs to fill their place?

Also new is the history of lili_Pad, something I can now write after both getting my 486 going briefly and after a curious discovery on a Zip disc. lili_Pad also gets its own bug of the moment, and a cute one at that.

The favicons gallery gains another entry, and you may also notice some other small icons on my site. Using the power of CSS3, I have been able to add little icons to indicate which links point to external sites, and which links point to a target anchor on the same page (the weird-looking double-headed arrow). This may cause a few pages to go wobbly until I notice and clear them up.

Headings on pages no longer flash a brighter colour due to some revised CSS, but this brings me to a point. What they did indicate, albeit in a strange way, is which headings on my site bear named anchors, such that links into my site can target specific headings with fragment anchors, such as http://telcontar.net/Section/article.php#section. Far too many classical sites fail to provide named anchors – although WPS-based sites are better in this regard – making it impossible for me to link to a specific section somewhere down a longer page. I would encourage those people who hand-code HTML to think of the kittens and wrap headings in named anchors even if you don’t have an explicit table of contents on the page. Other site owners will appreciate it.