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Notices for 29th April 2006 to 1st June 2006

Saturday, 29th April 2006

This will probably be one of those things I start and then forget all about, but, I have now posted all my trance tracklists to a new tracklists folder, for two reasons: a back-up copy for me, and to share them with Web denizens (good tracklists can be extremely hard to find!).

Whether I will remember to keep updating this folder, I have no idea, but as I regularly add and revise my tracklists, I hope I will not forget all about it! Also note that I can now annotate directory listings with notes, woo. I had to implement that specially, too.

Oh, and while I was at it, a new bug of the moment.

Friday, 19th May 2006

A couple of updates for everyone, anecdotes this time around: Surviving secondary school and Who’s this kid.

Thursday, 1st June 2006

A new Bug of the Moment entry today, and something of an oldie that I have been sitting on for a year or three. I realise I’ve not posted one in ages but strangely enough I have not had anything of great significance to write about! I am not sure however whether this is a good or a bad thing.

That said, just as I predicted, the Finder just commit suicide on me:

But I think the Mac held up pretty well:

Although I do have to wonder why Mac OS itself is using 64 MB of memory:

Now please excuse me while I reboot Firetrack.