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Notices for 22nd April 2006 to 5th April 2006

Saturday, 22nd April 2006

Not quite a milestone, maybe a yardstone or a footstone: Lecture Battleships is now packaged as a SIS file with an official distribution UID. Martin Guthrie of Pscience5 noticed the program and that indirectly prompted me to write and generate my first Symbian installer package, using Neuon’s nSISUtil that I downloaded from Pscience5.

All fun and games, especially the bit where a stray dialog in nSISUtil completely hosed the installer service in EPOC. Even after I rebooted my palmtop, attempts to install or uninstall any software or configure the installer service simply generated “unexpected end of file” errors. Wondering why nSISUtil thought my default install language for all new software was French (!), I had reverted it to UK English, and nothing would install or uninstall after that. I didn’t realise that it was this change that caused the problem and – until I realised it affected other packages than the one I was trying to create – I instead believed that my install package creation attempts were being corrupted. Hum.

Friday, 14th April 2006

It has only taken me, oh, nine months to get around to addressing the points in Edward Reid’s e-mail, but I now present a substantially revised edition of my article, Making good use of Web image formats. It is now shorter, rearranged, refactored and with a lot of irrelevant material removed. Hopefully it will prove useful.

Oh, and I posted a new BOTM yesterday.

Wednesday, 5th April 2006

There, a triple bill of Bug of the Moment – both today’s episode, and one I posted two days ago.